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After the customer's request to correct and update the Klaipėda golf simulator website, a decision was made to rewrite the entire system code from scratch using the CodeIgniter PHP framework. An automated available times reservation and payment system with a door code generation function has been developed. Booking times, prices and orders can be managed via the admin panel.

Išperkamosios Nuomos Išmanusis Kontraktas

A smart contract and a decentralized online app (Dapp) that interacts with the Ropsten blockchain were developed according to the customer's needs. The real estate owner creates a smart contract specifying all the required parameters and the renter's blockchain address. The lessee makes monthly payments and has the option to redeem the property at the end of the term according to the remaining installment. In the event of redemption, a corresponding NFT is created for the lessee with the documents stored in the IPFS network.

ZEST International

Lithuania became too little for a fast growing production house company. So together we created a detailed presentational website about their work and achievements for the global market. This is my lastest work which I am proud of.


Eco crypto mining project. In this project I was project manager and CTO. I managed to build web wireframe and design, employed freelance developer which helped with back-end part and I was responsible for the fluent miners work. Website was made with Laravel framework. Furthermore, this project showed me how important are ECO business solutions.


I was working full time in CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization). I was analyzing eCommerce processes and huge amount of statistics to make a change and improve Conversion Rates of different website pages or even in management steps. I had to get to know what is A/B testing and was preparing all kinds of experiments based on hypothesis.

Neries klinika

A bigger spot was given to a young dental clinic when creating their look on the internet - their website. A unique design was made which was coded and adjusted to WordPress (CMS). It saves a lot of programming costs because it does not require reinventing the wheel and allows the client to easily manage and update the content on the website.


An internet website based on Angular technology (JS MVC framework) represents the work of a famous weathervanes creator. His creations speak for themselves, therefore the webpage has minimal design for the user to appreciate the beauty of weathervanes offered.

ZEST Production House

Modern website for advertising agency with unique design and WordPress (CMS). In addition, I made actors database for casting in which the agency can comfortably select suitable candidates for shooting and send the list of candidates to the client who makes the final decision. This web-based solution greatly improved actor search process.


Created from scratch and developed for many years - I present you the Electronic Money Marketplace project - Shopmoney. This platform demanded not only extremely precise technical programming, but also a deep online business process analysis. It is written on CodeIgniter (PHP framework). Shopmoney visitors can purchase e-currency on a P2P basis.

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